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Tom and Fran’s Wedding in Claygate and at The Dorchester

Fran and Tom married in their local church in Claygate, Surrey and then had a reception at The Dorchester – what a great venue the famous hotel was for the reception.  They had come to me for their photography via Claire and Alex whose wedding I photographed last year. Because not all the guests were at both venues, Fran and Tom managed to sneak in two drinks receptions followed by two lots of food – one at the church and then one at The Dorchester – presumably on the basis that one can never have too much champagne. I really liked the idea of the evening meal being a High Tea – something the hotel are well-known for.

Second photographer on the day was John Bishop. John and I shoot a very similar style and several of the shots here are his work. Thanks, John.

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Cupcakes and Cameras event with Tea Party

For some time now I have really liked the Tea Party concept – linking as it does with the current vogue for all things vintage these are small, intimate parties (or just teas) held in a beautifully decorated room. Traditional and modern cakes are served with good tea in vintage china. Fabulous.

Anyway, I was thrilled when Samantha – the brains behind the concept – contacted me recently and asked if I would be interested in being involved with an event she was hosting there. The idea was that guests could come along and enjoy a cupcake and tea and learn about how to use their digital cameras more effectively.

I had already written a few articles on how to achieve better shots of your childeren for local magazines and this was a chance to communicate them all face to face.

So, Samantha and I would be delighted to see you there. Tuesday 15 June at 10.30am. Tea Party can be found at 143 Long Lane, London N3 2QY. Cost is just £10 and you get a cupcake and tea as well as all this information.

You can call Samantha on 07779 635876 if you want to book or ask any questions.

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25 London Marathons in 25 years

Even regular readers will not be aware that I do a lot of work for the Royal Hospital for Neuro-disbaility (RHN). Because I respect their very proper and strict rules on patient privacy I prefer not to blog these shoots as a rule.

However, following a recent visit by The Earl of Wessex (that’s Prince Edward to those who remember) I could not resist this post.

Lolo, who works in the catering department, has run the London Marathon no fewer than 25 times in the last 25 years – and all to raise funds for the hospital. I think the Earl was very impressed with this fact and made a witty remark which sadly I cannot now remember!

Anyway, well done Lolo – he has no plans to quit as far as I know. In the picture below, Lolo is on the right and the Earl on the left. (And, incidentally, the woman in white uniform in the background is Mary, an Occupational Therapist at the hospital, who ran her first marathon this year also on behalf of the RHN)

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Pre-wedding photography in Esher

Fran and Tom are having their wedding reception in The Dorchester this year and this was a fabulous opportunity for us to get to know each other better.

I really enjoyed my time with them and they LOVE the images (they have already seen them all).

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Bar Mitzvah Photography at The Langham

This was my first event at The Langham as a Bar Mitzvah Photographer – what a stunning venue, particularly the ballroom: high ceilings and gorgeous columns. For this event, lighting was brought in – as you can see from the images.

Daniel had a great time (“my best night ever”). Thanks to all the family for asking me to be there – here are a few shots from the evening. I am looking forward to showing you all the others very soon.

Thank to Amy Emerson for assisting and second camera.

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