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A beautiful reading for a wedding

A recent Tweet by The Wedding Community asking for readings from weddings reminded me of the lovely reading we found for our wedding.

We had originally selected something from The Prophet but as it was a civil ceremony the registrar disallowed it. So, we went along to Borders in Oxford Street (sadly not there anymore – we have been married less than twelve years) and spent a wonderful half hour just browsing the poety section.

We eventually found a little book called Love Poems An Anthology and in there was this by Fred E Weatherley (no, we hadn’t heard of him either).

Friend of Mine

When you are happy, friend of mine,

And all your skies are blue,

Tell me your luck, your fortune fine,

and let me laugh with you.

Tell me the hopes that spur you on,

The deeds you mean to do,

The gold you’ve struck, the fame you’ve won,

And let me joy – with you!

When you are sad and heart a-cold,

And all your skies are dark,

Tell me the dreams that mock’d your hold,

The shafts that missed the mark.

Am I not yours for weal or woe?

How else can friends prove true?

Tell me what breaks and brings you low,

And let me stand – with you!

So, when the night falls tremulous,

When the last lamp burns low,

And one of us or both of us

The long, lone road must go,

Look with your dear old eyes in mine,

Give me a handshake true;

Whatever fate our souls await

Let me be there – with you!

(There now, I have a tear in my eye just typing it.)

Anyway, the registrar liked it so much she asked for a copy to add to her select list of suggestions for couples. I wonder how many others have discovered it.


Kim Herbing - Beautiful reading Martin, no wonder you have a tear in your eye!

Martin Gammon - Thank you for your comment, Kim. It does get me every time.

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