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25 London Marathons in 25 years

Even regular readers will not be aware that I do a lot of work for the Royal Hospital for Neuro-disbaility (RHN). Because I respect their very proper and strict rules on patient privacy I prefer not to blog these shoots as a rule.

However, following a recent visit by The Earl of Wessex (that’s Prince Edward to those who remember) I could not resist this post.

Lolo, who works in the catering department, has run the London Marathon no fewer than 25 times in the last 25 years – and all to raise funds for the hospital. I think the Earl was very impressed with this fact and made a witty remark which sadly I cannot now remember!

Anyway, well done Lolo – he has no plans to quit as far as I know. In the picture below, Lolo is on the right and the Earl on the left. (And, incidentally, the woman in white uniform in the background is Mary, an Occupational Therapist at the hospital, who ran her first marathon this year also on behalf of the RHN)

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